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Life presents us with the unimaginable and we do our best to make sense of it. There are points we reach and things we encounter that therapy can help us to weather. Having a dedicated space you can share with a trusted person in order to reflect, unravel, understand, and put back together the pieces makes a world of difference. 

Megan Lundskog LCSW MSW

About Me: 


I view therapy as a process that helps us to find workable and intentional ways to live in an imperfect world. I value being able to work closely with people as they sort through the issues impacting their quality of life. I also value humanizing and normalizing the painful processes we go through as we seek to heal and grow. 


There are many approaches in psychotherapy; the modalities I lean on most include, ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Brainspotting (born out of the EMDR modality), and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (looking at unconscious dynamics that play out both in interpersonal relationships and for ourselves internally). 


I have been a practicing therapist since 2016 and have worked with a broad range of issues, including eating disorders, fragile personal identities, patterns of dependency and avoidance, interpersonal relationship problems, anxiety, depression, major life changes (death, divorce, faith transition, individuation, starting families, career changes, exploring sexuality), and trauma. 


I value empowerment, self-efficacy, individuality, and intentional living in the therapeutic process; these are the focuses I often return to as I work with someone. I am happy to be doing this work and would love to see if we’re a good fit.     

Accepted Insurances

  • Bind

  • Evernorth/Cigna

  • MotivHealth (Imagine Health)

  • Optum

  • Regency BCBS

  • Samera

  • Select Health

  • UMR

  • United

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